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A place to discuss the books I enjoy and somewhere to share my thoughts.


Kid Fears

Has there ever been a more pertinent time to reminisce about the past? When you felt you had the whole world in front of you or perhaps...

The Boys from Brazil

Another book made into a critically acclaimed film; The Boys from Brazil, written by Ira Levin postulates that a fully functional Nazi...


Isaac Asimov’s Foundation is probably the Big Daddy of literary science fiction

The Film or the Book?

Has any film portrayal of your favourite fictional literary character enhanced your original perception of how that character is supposed to

Mr. Sherlock Holmes

As regards, the great man himself, he was the original literary bad boy. A cocaine and morphine user, a misanthrope with a heart of gold, a

12 Rules for Life

Dr Jordan B. Peterson is a highly intelligent man. His lectures and appearances on various television shows across the world are...

Lane Dean Jr.

DFW apparently took several finance and taxation courses before writing The Pale King, ostensibly for research purposes but I reckon he was


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