12 Rules for Life

Dr Jordan B. Peterson is a highly intelligent man. His lectures and appearances on various television shows across the world are immensely popular on YouTube. In person, or at least on screen, he is engaging and polite but ruthlessly analytical, referencing academic and social research to substantiate his opinions and arguments.

His book, “12 Rules for Life”, is essentially a guide to being a good person, the premise being that individual mastery over one-self leads to a collective successful social structure. Well, that was my interpretation, anyway.

The Rules are inherently meritous and just plain good advice. For example, assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that the book has sold in such quantities which indicates that so many people were not doing some of these things anyway.

There is nothing uniquely innovative in the rules…. many of which were formulated from stoicism but are particularly relevant today, given the prevalence of social media and the battleground that that medium has become.

The book is, as one would expect, exceptionally well written, though not beautifully written. Dr Peterson is an eminent academic and of course the book reflects this. It reads like an academic textbook, which is of course fine.

Well worth a read (if you have the time).

Tally ho!

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