Mr. Sherlock Holmes

The greatest fictional detective of all time has had many incarnations over the years. The recent Cumberbatch/Freeman portrayal of the famous duo of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson was interesting with respect to its transposition to present day London while simultaneously butchering the essence of Conan Doyle’s books.

Martin Freeman played Watson (at least in the first series) as exactly how he should be played…. as a victim of PTSD, contemplating eating his own bullet after being shot and subsequently almost dying from a tropical disease while soldiering in Afghanistan. The portrayal of Mycroft was disappointing while the decision to represent Holmes’ nemesis as a wide-eyed publicity seeking Irishman in a one size too small Tom Ford suit should never be forgiven.

The Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films did get one thing right…. Mr. Ritchie’s iteration of Professor Moriarty was understated, menacing, and calculating and an accurate portrayal of a rigorous academic with a vicious intellect.

As regards, the great man himself, he was the original literary bad boy. A cocaine and morphine user, a misanthrope with a heart of gold, a man who took cases only for their intellectual stimulation and someone who effectively for him, fell in love with the only woman who bested him in a case. What’s not to love?

The legendary actor, Jeremy Brett, brought the man to life on the small screen with a completely convincing and nuanced interpretation that the books could only occasionally create.

Discover for yourself.

Tally ho!

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