The Boys from Brazil

Another book made into a critically acclaimed film; The Boys from Brazil, written by Ira Levin postulates that a fully functional Nazi brotherhood of ex World War II SS officers are orchestrating the implementation of a heinous plot to create a contemporary Fourth Reich.

The plot and underlying suppositions are uncomfortably realistic. The period in which the novel is set, the mid to late 1970’s, is regrettably jaded and weary about the atrocities committed in the Second Word War and provides the appropriate breeding ground for the public resurrection of Josef Mengele and his acolytes.

The only potential obstacle in their path is the frail Jakov Liebermann, a putative Nazi hunter, who has seen too much indifference and lethargy in his celebrated career to remain impassive in the face of mounting evidence of Mengele’s machinations.

The writing, as expected from Levin is taut and propulsive, you are compelled to know how Mengele intends to carry out his plan.

The book’s central premise is based on plausible scientific fact bringing a further stark reality to proceedings.

Liebermann is reassuringly human and vulnerable but steeled with an indomitable passion for humanity that leaves the book on a knife edge.

Highly recommended.

Tally ho!

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