The Film or the Book?

Dear Reader,

Has any film portrayal of your favourite fictional literary character enhanced your original perception of how that character is supposed to “look”? This is an important question.

Can you come up with some notable examples? I am struggling, myself. The problem is (as I see it) that films are made with bankable box office stars, who have already portrayed a variety of well-known characters and therefore when I see (for example) DiCaprio as Gatsby, I see Jack Dawson playing DiCaprio playing a version of Gatsby.

Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher was the ultimate betrayal. Mr. Cruise’s charisma simply cannot manifest another foot in height and considerably more musculature. Some details are too pertinent to omit.

Let us extend the scenario somewhat. Has there been a film based on a book that has surpassed the book itself? The Godfather perhaps? The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Anymore? Anyone?

Back to my original assertion about the importance of characters emerging from literature to the silver screen. My son is now reading Tolkien due to his affinity for the films.

If that is the current process to get people to increase reading time, then the film studios need to up their game.

Tally ho!

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