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Md. Naim Hasan Student
Jul 07, 2022
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It has always been known for quick adjustments, easy management of large numbers of photos, and allows many photographers around the world to create their own images. If we just travel and enjoy the good moments of life, will Lightroom be a little overkill after recording it all? Not at all! Recently, Lightroom has also launched a variety of preset sets for the styles that users like now, and has also imported AI intelligence, which can intelligently identify the subject. Trim the photo with good texture. First of all, let's introduce the preset set of "adaptive". Its principle is to use AI calculation to identify old picture restoration specific subjects, so that we can apply various scenes to make the overall photos look good quickly. The "Adaptive" preset set is divided into two, one of which is the "Main Body". The main function of the filter "Adaptive: Subject" is to apply the filter and quickly trim the area of ​​the subject after identifying the subject. This function is very recommended to be used in the fill light of portraits, and it will have very good results. Here we share the before and after trimming. Through the trimming of the "Adaptive: Subject" preset set, you can see that the subject of the portrait has a more natural lighting. If you want to create more styles, in addition to the subject brightness, you can also There are other changes. 01 Photo Credit: The News Lens Brand Studio "Adaptive: Main Body" preset set before trimming. 02 Photo Credit: The News Lens Brand Studio "Adaptive: Main Body" preset set after trimming. Use the Popfun presets. The other "Adaptive: Sky", as the name suggests, is adjusted for the sky. It recognizes the boundaries of the sky, and in addition to the usual sunsets and sunrises, there are more intense color

Md. Naim Hasan Student

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